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You Had Me At Hello

Getting your group to think outside the box is not always easy. We are all simply creatures of habit. So, why not develop new productive habits. Inform them. Inspire them.


Paul and partner Steve Firszt will help companies determine their value and coach them to prepare for an offer from BRAVAS under the ASPIRE program.

For companies outside the custom integration space, you are welcome to explore our experience with doing a readiness review, assess your strategy, work to vet investment bankers and even coach during the selling or acquiring phase. Contact us for more information.


Paul has formed PrepTECH with Helen Heneveld to address the workforce tech shortage issue. Together they find, vet, train and connect new technicians to eagerly hiring integrators. They aim to deliver 1,000 technicians each year expanding the bandwidth of the industry and increasing the pie.


Here are a few topics Paul shares with audiences:

What I learned from standing in timeout

Do you know your business model?

What do you need to measure in the business?

What to know when monetizing your business.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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